21 julho, 2006

Destruction 2

Opa! Barbarian Fighter, da  Taverna do Bárbaro, mandou o resto da discografia inicial do Destruction e eu completei com o restante da nova.
Está faltando pouco para completar tudo!
Estes álbuns estão no Up-File. Para saber como fazer o download, é só olhar aqui.
To know how to download this albums, click here.

Alguém tem o The Least Successful Human Cannonball, em boa qualidade?
Thanks for the original uploader!!!

Eternal Devastation (1986) @ 192Kbps

Curse The Gods
Confound Games
Life Without Sense
United By Hatred
Eternal Ban
Upcoming Devastation
Confused Mind

Part 1
Part 2

Mad Butcher (1987) @ 192Kbps

Mad Butcher
The Damned [Plasmatics Cover]
Reject Emotions
The Last Judgement

Part 1
Part 2

The Antichrist (2001) @ 192Kbps

Thrash 'Til Death
Nailed To The Cross
Dictators Of Cruelty
Bullets From Hell
Strangulated Pride
Meet Your Destiny
Creations Of The Underworld
Godfather Of Slander
Let Your Mind Rot
The Heretic


Alive Devastation (2002) @ 192Kbps

Intro - Curse The Gods 
Nailed To The Cross 
Eternal Ban 
Machinery Of Lies 
Bullets From Hell 
Tears Of Blood 
Live Without Sense 
Thrash Till Death 
Mad Butcher 
The Butcher Strikes Back 
Intro - Total Desasted 
Invincible Force 
Bestial Invasion


Metal Discharge (2003) @ 192Kbps

The Ravenous Beast
Metal Discharge
Rippin' The Flesh Apart
Fear Of The Moment
Mortal Remains
Desecrators Of The New Age
Historical Force Feed
Savage Symphony Of Terror
Made To Be Broken


Inventor Of Evil (2005) @ 192Kbps

Soul Collector
The Defiance Will Remain
The Alliance Of Hell Hound
No Mans Land
The Calm Before The Storm
The Chosen Ones
Dealer Of Hostility
Under Surveillance
Seeds Of Hate
Twist Of Fate
Killing Machine
Memories Of Nothingness
We Are The Road Crew (Motörhead Cover) 
The Alliance Of Hell Hound (Schmier only)


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