02 setembro, 2006

Kreator (Again!)

Hummm...isso aqui está começando a ficar bem interessante, já que eu ADORO Kreator! Nosso amigo Paul Zver nos enviou alguns links do Kreator e eu completei com outros. :D

Ah, já ia esquecendo: estão em simplesmente foderosos 320Kbps, com exceção do Cause for Conflict, que está em 192Kbps.

All in 320Kbps, with the exception of Cause for Conflict, in 192Kbps.

Endless Pain (1985)

1. Endless Pain
2. Total Death
3. Storm Of The Beast
4. Tormentor
5. Son Of Evil
6. Flag Of Hate
7. Cry War
8. Bone Breaker
9. Living In Fear
10. Dying Victims
11. Armies Of Hell (Demo)
12. Tormentor (Demo)
13. Cry War (Demo)
14. Bonebreaker (Demo)


Terrible Certainty (1987)

1. Blind Faith
2. Storming With Menace
3. Terrible Certainty
4. As The World Burns
5. Toxic Trace
6. No Escape
7. One Of Us
8. Behind The Mirror


Cause for Conflict (1995)

1. Prevail
2. Catholics Despot
3. Progressive Proletarians
4. Crisis Of Disorder
5. Hate Inside Your Head
6. Bomb Threat
7. Men Without God
8. Lost
9. Dogmatic
10. Sculpture Of Regret
11. Celestial Deliverence
12. Isolation


Endorama (1999)

1. Golden Age
2. Endorama
3. Shadowland
4. The Chosen Few
5. Everlasting Flame
6. Passage To Babylon
7. Future King
8. Entry
9. Soul Eraser
10. Willing Spirit
11. Pandemonium
12. Tyranny


Violent Revolution (2001)

1. Reconquering The Throne
2. The Patriarch
3. Violent Revolution
4. All Of The Same Blood (Unity)
5. Servant In Heaven-King In Hell
6. Second Awakening
7. Ghetto War
8. Replicas Of Life
9. Slave Machinery
10. Bitter Sweet Revenge
11. Mind On Fire
12. System Decay


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Paul Zver disse...

Original CD Endless Pain includes 10 tracks. Album, uploaded and posted by Hazzamanazz, is digital remastering CD. It includes 4 additional tracks taken from the '84 demo 'End of the World', when the band was known as Tormentor (pre-Kreator). Track 1 from demo (Intro) is not included.

Ugggh, Kreator is my favorite band!!!
Thnx to Hazzamanazz for Tormentor's tracks.

Hello from Russia to all visitors of DEMENCIA13

Anônimo disse...

poxa!! só faltou o Pleassure to Kill!!!

Paul Zver disse...

No problems. I send link to Hazz day by day.