09 novembro, 2006

The Rods

Arquivos em alta qualidade de uma das melhores bandas de hard/heavy norte-americanas.

Para quem não sabe, o guitarrista e vocalista David "Rock" Feinstein é primo de ninguém mais, ninguém menos, do que Ronnie James Dio.

Wild Dogs (1982) @ 256Kbps

1. Too Hot To Stop
2. Waiting For Tomorrow
3. Violation
4. Burned By Love
5. Wild Dogs
6. You Keep Me Hangin' On
7. Rockin' N' Rollin' Again
8. End Of Line
9. No Sweet Talk, Honey
10. Night Lives To Rock


Live (1984) @ 320Kbps

1. I Live For Rock N Roll
2. Hellbound
3. Born To Rock
4. Viper
5. Violation
6. Speed Demon
7. Huricane
8. Devil's Child
9. Rabid Thunder
10. Cold Sweat & Blood
11. Record World Radio Spot
12. Sit Down Honey
13. Ace In The Hole
14. Long Road
15. Crankin It Up (Interview)

Part 1
Part 2

2 comentários:

ad disse...

oh thanks because wild dogs i just have it on picture disc

hazzamanazz disse...

I have this on vinyl too!

It's a nice recording...