20 dezembro, 2006

Cronos - Venom (1995)

Último álbum da carreira solo de Cronos antes de voltar para o Venom, que lançaria um disco novo em 1997.

Em 320Kbps

1. In League with Satan
2. Superpower
3. Vampyr
4. Lost And Found
5. Fire
6. 1000 Day's In Sodom
7. Know Evil
8. Messages Of War
9. 7 Gates Of Hell
10. Painkiller
11. Babylon
12. Don't Burn The Witch In Nomine Satanas
13. Fantasm
14. Ye Of Little Faith
15. Satanachist
16. At War With Satan

Tracks 3,10,13,16 - from "Dancing in the Fire"
Tracks 2,4,8 - from "Rock 'n' Roll Disease"
Tracks 7,11,14 - from the unreleased album "Triumvirate"
Tracks 1,5,6,9,12,15 - Venom covers recorded specifically for this compilation


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Barbarian disse...

Caraaaaaacaaa, esse era o que me faltava... valeuooo irmão!!!

Anônimo disse...

Could you please upload in Rapidshare? I'm also looking for R'n'R Disease if possible...

hazzamanazz disse...

Use Firefox to download from Megaupload/Megaerotic.

Install this extension ( https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/3843/ ), restart the application, go to Tools > Megaupload > choose Enable and download everything you want.

Yes, this beats the download limit too... :-)

[ ]'s

Anônimo disse...

Thanks!!! :-)