22 janeiro, 2007


Dois classicássos do Tank pra ninguém botar defeito!

Para ouvir com a mulherada, de preferência em um bar... :D
Em 320Kbps

Filth Hounds of Hades(1983)

01. Shellshock
02. Struck By Lightning
03. Run Like Hell
04. Blood, Guts And Beer
05. That's What Dreams Are Made Of
06. Turn Your Head Around
07. Heavy Artillery
08. Who Needs Love Songs
09. Filth Hounds Of Hades
10. He Fell In Love With A Stormtrooper


Honour & Blood (1985)

1.The War Drags Ever On 08:14
2.When All Hell Freezes Over 05:56
3.Honour and Blood 06:31
4.Chain of Fools 04:08
5.W.M.L.A. 05:17
6.Too Tired to Wait for Love 04:37
7.Kill 08:00
8. The Man That Never Was - Bonus (4:31)


2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Gostaria que vocês postassem o Manowar - Kings of Metal e o lendário e bom (heavy metal) do Thor.

Falcon The Loner disse...

Thank you.... so much!!!1